General Informations

Organization: POF- Portuguese Orienteering Federation

Event Director: António Amador

Map & Courses: José Fernandes (Medial) e Bruno Nazário (Relay)

Technical Manager: José Fernandes

Map Maker: Luís Sérgio

Supervisor: Jorge Baltazar


Hard Floor and Showers

There will be Hard floor available from Saturday 9 pm until Sunday Morning at "Associação Recreativa de Ferrel". Please find the location map here.

Showers will be available at the same place until Sunday after Relay event.


Timing Systems

  • The Punching system used in all the EYOC Competitions will be Sportident.
  • Every athlete or team needs, as well as a map, a SI Card (electronic chip). (SI Cards are available from the Organization at a cost of 1€ per unit)
  • Athletes or teams confirm their passage at each control point by inserting the SI Card into the base unit at the control until a beep is
  • heard.
  • Controls must be completed in the order that is defined by the Organization.
  • At the finish, the SI Card data must be downloaded so as to verify the correct execution of the course.
  • The rented SI Cards must be returned to the Organization at the end of the race. The loss or failure to return rented SI Cards
  • requires a payment of 50 €.
  • In the event of a system failure of SportIdent at the control, use the manual punch in the square reserved on the map.

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