Payments to EYOC 2013 must be made by bank transfer until15th September 2013:

Please note that the payer is responsible for all bank fees and charges. Entries and other services (accommodation, catering and transport) will not be confirmed until organizer receives full payment.


All payments are to be made to the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, as follows:

Bankname: Montepio Geral (Agency: Torre da Marinha)


IBAN: PT50.0036.0276.9910.0027.1984.3

BankAddress:    Montepio Geral - Agência da Torre da Marinha

                                Rua Gil Vicente, 1 A/B - Torre da Marinha

                                P-2840-437 Seixal - Portugal

Detail of payment: EYOC 2013 Entry Fee (Country)

Entry Fees

EYOC 2013 entry fee is 200,00€per participant (competitor and official).

- if you book accommodation type C the entry fee have a discount of 15,00€/person.

- if you organize your own transport during the event the entry fee have a discount of 20,00€/person.


Price includes:

Start fees for all events

Accommodations for 3 nights (October 24, 25 and 26)


Thursday: dinner

Friday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Sunday: breakfast and lunch

Model events

EYOC Party on Saturday evening

Transportation between the event center and orienteering venues(if you had book it).


The deadline for Preliminary Registration is 30th April 2013.

Preliminary entry form can be download here. 


The following information is required:


  Number Planned Maximum Allowed
Competitor - W16   4
Competitor - W18   4
Competitors - M16   4
Competitor - M18   4
Relay team - Female   2
Relay Team - Male   2
Officials - Women   4 Total
Officials - Men  


Preferred accommodation:


 Accommodation Type (A, B or C) Number / Quantity
3 Beds    
4 Beds    
5 or 6 Beds (Type C)    



Airport that the teamwill use (Lisbon or Oporto): _____________________________


  Airport - EC - Airport During EYOC
By Organizers bus (extra cost)   
Other Transportation    


Food restrictions (if necessary):


 Number Resrictions


The final Entry Form will also be included in Bulletin 3.

The final entries with the exact number of competitors and officials, and names of all, must be sent to the organizers not later than 30thSeptember2013.

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